Clance’s mother demands exhuming her daughter’s body

By Zifa Mukobeko

The mother to the Late Clance Nalosah  Zulu has demanded for the exhuming of  her  daughter’s body from the grave for a decent burial .

She has lamented that

PF thug after causing Kafwafwa at Clance’s burial

, she cannot allow her daughter to be buried like a dog


“A very expensive send off was arranged for Clance but how can she just be thrown in the ditch like that like a dog just because Zambia has a President that can’t tame his thugs ? I was beaten , my daughter who is Clance’s elder sister was equally attacked by PF . While we were running around for safety and seeking medical attention , My daughter was hustingly thrown in the grave like a dog because we have a President that can’t control his cadres?” she complained.