Lusaka Woman Kills Her Two Children, Commits Suicide After Knowing Her Husbands Extra Marital Affair

A 39-year old woman of Kabanana Township in Lusaka has allegedly killed her two children aged nine and one and later committed suicide after suspecting her husband of having an extra-marital affair. Lusaka police commissioner Charity Katanga said the incident occurred between September 3 and September 4. Mrs Katanga identified the woman as Patricia Mulenga. […]

‘Indecent’ Dressing Among Women, Girls Worries Chief Kathumba

‘Indecent’ Dressing Among Women, Girls Worries Chief Kathumba

Chief Kathumba of the Chewa people in Sinda has urged the government to come out strongly against indecent dressing among some young females. And Sinda district social welfare Iness Chibesa says parents should desist from using strong language when correcting their children. Chief Kathumba said in an interview that the dressing trends among young and […]

I Can’t Continue A Sexless Marriage -Lusaka Man

A SEXUALLY-STARVED Lusaka husband has complained that he cannot continue in a sexless marriage when he has a high sexual appetite which needs to be met by his wife. Abel Chayanga, 31, of Chazanga township who was in the Matero local court, said he fears he will turn to prostitutes for sexual relief because his […]

Serenje Woman Arrested For Cutting Her Newly-Borne Baby Into Pieces

A 34 year old woman of Serenje has been apprehended on suspicion of cutting her newly-borne baby into pieces. Police are still investigating the matter but preliminary findings resulting from a postmortem on the flesh found in the woman’s possession show that it is that of a human being. The woman, identified as Estella Misela […]

My Boyfriend Is Too Rough In The Bedroom, Please Help?

My Boyfriend Is Too Rough In The Bedroom, Please Help?

Dear Readers, My boyfriend is far too randy for me. He wants lots of hot s*x every night, and he goes at it fast and furious. Sometimes we go on for hours and I end up sore and exhausted. It may sound like I’m the luckiest woman on earth, but too much of everything is […]

Crazy: Lusaka man Arrested For Sleeping With A Dog

Police in Lusaka have arrested a 49-year-old man for allegedly having carnal knowledge of a female dog. Lusaka Province commissioner of police Charity Katanga, in an interview yesterday said the incident happened on Monday around 21:00 hours in Mtendere township. Ms Katanga said the suspect, Michael Bwalya of Mass Media area got hold of the […]

Sad: DMI St Eugene University Student Found Dead In The Toilet

A 41-year student of DMI St Eugene University in Solwezi has been found dead in a toilet, North-Western Province deputy police commissioner Frank Mumbuna has said. Mr Mumbuna said in an interview yesterday that Muvwila Kavatu, a teacher at Nyangombe Secondary School in Mwinilunga, was found dead in a toilet at Chiko Inn on Monday […]

Lusaka Police Officer Shoots Himself Dead

A police officer of Kabwata Police Station in Lusaka has died after shooting himself in the chest with an AK47 rifle. Inspector Steven Banda is alleged to have committed suicide after a marital dispute. And police in Lusaka have arrested 93 suspected political cadres for allegedly harassing people in markets. Lusaka Province commissioner of police […]

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