*PRESS STATEMENT* 

We have noted with dismay the continued false, malicious and unbalanced publications targeting Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye the Chairperson of Gemcanton in your publication the Daily Nation.

Our silence does not mean we are unable to defend ourselves nor are we guilty of your false accusations.

It is our considered view that as a traditional media believed in by the community, ethics and objectivity and balanced story are upheld.

It is also our considered view that Mr Abdulaye has not been covered fairly by your publication.

Your Publication has chosen not to be factual and gone ahead to publish false articles regarding Gemcanton.

We note that you have willfully ignored is that the court order is question has not been registered to be effected in Zambia the country hosting the company therefore publishing it is not only malicious but misleading too.

The position of the company is very clear on the many issues we have faced following our involvement with Levi Leviev’s front Mr El Nefussy. Thanks to other media houses who reported the truth about the torture involving the local people which led to Mr Nefussy’s deportation.

Government deported him because he violated the country’s laws and that can be attested by the local people including the traditional leaders who were badly affected as that torture involved their subjects.

What the Daily Nation management should know is that the company they are subjecting to ridicule and damage employs more than 1000 local people.

The company also has an effective and efficiency Corporate Social Rensponsibility which helps uplift the quality of life for the community sorrounding the investment.

Gemcanton has served and partnered with government by contributing to the welfare of the people of Lufwanyama through it’s Corporate Social Rensponsibility.

Daily Nation as a media house should have taken advantage of the Zambian courts for details regarding the state of affairs at Gemcanton to better inform the public.

We also wish to urge the Management of the paper to take cognizance of the fact that there is a legal process which has to be adhered to on all industrial disputes and getting insight of any available matter before the court will better allow people have informed understanding of the company under discussion.

We advise the publication to take a professional route by allowing space for all the stakeholders on a matter to avoid misleading the nation and defaming others.

We therefore urge the Daily Nation Newspaper to immediately refrain from publishing malicious information on Gemcanton and its management.

This statement is in response to your publication titled ” Canada Freezes Bank Accounts … as Gemcanton partner gets injunction” published on the 14th of December 2018.

We note that the afore-mentioned headline is misleading damaging and malicious to the proprietor and the investment.

As a result of your publication, some section of the Zambian community have concluded that the Company Chairperson Mr Abdoulaye Ndiaye committed an offence involving his investment when actually not.

We note that the said words in the publication are scandalous, and disparaging to him, socially and are a serious assault to his integrity and self-confidence.

Knowing there is a matter before the court involving our Partner Mr Lev Levieve , we shall restrict ourselves to urge you to refrain from such publications forthwith.

Issued by:

David Phiri (Mr)