Why the Presidency and nation is being destroyed

DATE: 29-06-2018

MNT leader Shimunza

As Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we are concerned at the rate at which the presidency is being destroyed, demeaned, and disrespected, while our nation is as well being destroyed. This is so because :

Firstly, injustice at various levels of society is rampant. High levels of Poverty, inequalities, unemployment, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and violence, are all forms of injustice against fellow Citizens. Unfairness at law in our Courts, where Citizens seek justice is a betrayal of God, and fellow men in a nation. When justice is sold to the rich, and the powerful in legal fees, and bribery, we destroy ourselves as a people. Foreigners having more favor than citizens, is an injustice of the worst forms, even in the Bible.Citizens lose respect, and dignity before foreigners in their own country. We must be free in our own country. Foreigners will never favor your citizens, in their own countries as we do here, without being xenophobic.

Secondly, defending wrongs is destroying us. People are sponsored to defend evil, and wrongs as a cover up. Even if your party is wrong, people may never seek to correct it. Whether wrongs are for individuals, or government Officials in power, be sure that when we cover up wrongs, we cannot at the same time improve, or correct them. Those who defend wrongs at micro or macro levels, are destructive of the the presidency, and nation at large. Cheap propaganda to defend even what must be corrected, is destructive as a practice and it must stop. We all make mistakes as humans, and must learn from them, and make amends. Never judge others, by the same measure, you will not want used on yourself, if you are wise. Give a fair chance to everyone. Bringing out unfair judgements on others attracts the same on you! Mud- slinging is counterproductive, and unprogressive. Give chance to transformation. People change, nations change, and even you, can change! Saying sorry is not a sign of weaknesses. It’s been humane.

Thirdly, self-preservation is one of the worst forms of destructive Forces, and cancer against our nation, and presidency. It kills objectivity in opposition, and ruling party. Going all out in life, to preserve yourself, impairs judgement, innovation, and destroys credibility of leadership. We need selflessness, not self-preservation. Consider others better than yourself. Celebrating others never reduces you, it does the opposite. Diversity is for complement, not undue competition as such. What you want for yourself, first do for others and it will be done for you. Go out of your way to things happen for others first, before yourself.

Thirdly, bad journalism is destroying us. Ghandi once said, ” a Journalist has become the walking plague of society ” in his book ” the wisdom of Ghandi ” when we delight in negative headlines daily in our culture, and society begins to go in the direction of negativity. News is not news, if there is no scandals, character assassination, propaganda headlines on social media, newspapers, Television, and Radio. Zambia needs transformative journalism. Let us curb negative reporting. What we post, we inform the whole world about ourselves as a nation. We must have a sense of responsibility, accountability, equity, duty, patriotism, and values to safeguard. News must be balanced in our coverage at Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation, ZNBC, Tines of Zambia, Zambia Daily Mail, not censored against Opposition, or very personal daily, or always confrontational in the Private media. We must build, not destroy Zambia. We need to treat everyone equal, and fairly. Therefore, reporting fairly is mature investigative journalism.

Fourthly, silencing good people, and promoting the bad people is destructive. Presidents are usually surrounded by unfaithful, untrustworthy people, and selfish men, and women. Even those who can help the nation are blocked, their voices diluted in the loudest voices of bad men and women. That is why wise leaders listen to voices beyond their desk, home and office to avoid biased deception of those around them. This also destroys the presidency, and nation. Collective wisdom, builds institutions of democracy, and national development. Zambia needs the best ideas, and representatives from all sectors, but many are obstructed by wicked selfish individuals. Good must triumph, over evil in our nation. Money in bad hands should not cloud out good people without money, even in election candidates.

Fifthly, not believing in ourselves as a people, to be the best in all, but being average, and others is destructive. Insecurity threatens healthy competition, and all reasonable collaborative effort in national interests. Dialogue should not have been delayed. But immaturity, and peer rivalry, has taken center stage in our leaders, to such an extent, that two leaders treating each other as arch- rivals, shaking hands, becomes headlines? A handshake in our Zambian culture was once a normal daily experience, not anymore. Power must be used well to help others. Money needs capacity to be shared equally with all. Economic growth benefits, and sustainable development, must be for all. But leadership in this regard lacks, and the nation, and presidency risks leaving a legacy of a divided nation. We must unify Zambia, and stop destructive practices by the help of God. Leadership must inspire, motivate, and influence a positive impact on the quality of life in the nation as a legacy.

Conclusively, as MNT, WE want to see wrongs corrected. Dialogue naturalized. Shaking hands normalized. We want to see character assassination stoped, and corruption eliminated . We want maturity in leadership. We want to see Zambia unified around a common purpose, through all leaders working together. We want to see citizens love their country, and serve it sacrificially . We must respect the presidency, if we want to serve therein, and stop all unhealthy journalism, and make Zambia an advanced economy, an aggressively industrialized, and developed nation in Africa, regardless of whether the right or left does it. Zambia must be first, not self-preservation as a destructive culture anymore. Shall we continue on a self-preservation, and self-destructive path?

Issued by :

Daniel Mvula Shimunza


Movement for National Transformation
For First World Zambia Ideology.
Zambia one, our Motto.

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