Zambian DNA praises Pres.Lungu for upholding values of peace, democracy

November 14, 2017



Spuki Mulemwa


The prevailing war of words in the country holds the potential to plunge the county into chaos and confusion.

Zambian DNA echoes the outgoing US ambassador to Zambia Eric Shultz’s timely counsel for Zambians to bury their ethnic differences in an effort to promote peace and democracy.

However, hate speech, provocative and inflammatory statements in some sections of the media are taking away from our long –held values of peace and democracy.


Zambia, which is a multi-ethnic nation, should endeavor to protect and defend our peace and democracy.


We urge Zambians especially politicians to desist from promoting hate speech and careless talk. Every one of us should endeavor to promote Zambia as a beacon of peace and unity in diversity.


Indeed, there is need for every Zambian to tone down on issuing provocative and inflammatory statements.


However, we commend President Edgar Lungu for upholding the values of peace and democracy even if showered with a barrage of provocative statements.


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