Mulongoti laughs at Lungu over Mugabe’s misfortune

Party president Mike Mulongoti has mocked President Edgar Lungu over the fate of President Bob Mugabe, saying the Zambian leader should fly to Zimbabwe to offer solidarity to “his fallen godfather”.


Speculation had mounted that President Lungu is  mentored by Mugabe, 93, to preside over national matters.

PF government critics claim President Lungu has copied bad  leadership style of intimidating his opponents, using State institutions to maintain grip on power from Mugabe.

Some even claim the world’s oldest leader played a part in the unlawful detention of United Party for National Development(UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Despite all the negative things attributed to the Zimbabwean dictator, political pundits wonder why  President Lungu views him as a role model, considering the fact that he appears to embrace him more than any other  African leaders as evident by the number of times he has invited  him to grace important national events.

Speaking after attending an appeal  petition case of the Lusaka Central seat at the   Constitutional Court, Mulongoti teased President Lungu to go and show solidarity to his political mentor who has disgracefully fallen from grace following the Zimbabwean military raid on his corrupt cabinet and his subsequent house arrest.

“This is a right time for Mr Lungu to visit Mr  Mugabe. They say if your friend is in tears that is a time you should visit him to offer them comfort,” said Mulongoti as he and Journalists burst into laughter.

Mugabe has presided over the affairs of Zimbabwe close to four decades.

His leadership has been characterized by heavy sanctions from the Western Nations because of his poor human rights  record.

Mugabe, the man who is known to have seven lives of a cat, has been controversially winning elections using state machinery, making him one of the longest serving African leaders.

In addition to that, the ZANU-PF leader has wrecked the country’s   economy beyond repair, forcing most his citizen to flee the country as economic slaves.

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