Lungu is having sleepless nights over my popularity-HH

By Fulman Mukobeko and Pamela Mulenga

(President)Edgar Lungu is  having sleepless nights about our growing popularity, United Party for National Development (UPND) torch-bearer Hakainde Hichilema  has vowed.

And a swift action from professional and alert police outside the Olympic  Africa Centre stopped the PF cadres from disrupting the UPND card renewal exercise.

Meanwhile, Hichilema fondly referred to as HH in the political cycles has reaffirmed UPND’s  commitment in the dialogue process, in his desire to end political violence that  has persisted since the last disputed elections.

Speaking during the UPND card renewal exercise in Lusaka’s  Mandevu compound, Hichilema said President Lungu is threatening judges and making inconsistent statements over his 2021 bid because he is feeling the  heat over  UPND  growing popularity following his unlawful incarceration.

Hichilema said President Lungu dreams about him because he is putting him under ‘extreme pressure.’

“Mutulo ba Lungu bo niona. Pakudwa sima ponse boniona tabaika mu pressure(President Lungu sees me in his dreams. Even when he is eating Nshima, he sees me. We have put him under  pressure), no wonder he is threatening judges,” Hichilema said.

The entrepreneur-cum-politician  said the party will ensure that it touches all parts of the country in its party renewal exercise.

The UPND strongman said mobilization of the party is an ongoing process and urged party members to preach the ten point plan to the unconverted.

At a same event some FDD members resigned to join the UPND.

And Hichilema says he is still  commitment to the  dialogue process, brokered by Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland and Zambia Conference for Catholic Bishops president Archbishop Telesphore Mpundu.

He said it is only through dialogue that political violence can come to an end.

Hichilema said his party does not condone political violence.

“We want political violence to come to an end,” he said

And a swift action from the Zambia police service prevented the PF cadres, ferried from Ng’ombe to disrupt the event.

Cadres armed with machetes and all sorts of offensive weapons were met with stiff resistance from the uncompromising policemen and women.

The PF cadres were seen  roughing up one of  Hichilema’s supporter who  was clad in the UPND regalia at the bus stop.

But the police  appearance on the scene scared away the  PF cadres who run in  all directions.

“It is not the UPND who are provoking violence but  these notorious boys of Kennedy Kamba and Jean Kapata. I hear most of them have come from Ng’ombe to disrupt there friend’s meeting. We are not going to allow that. Just wait for my signal, tizaombela umodzi wamene sazakala na mwai. (will shot at one of them who is not lucky) to send a message to their bosses. No, there is no way that  we can be dancing to politicians’ tunes. Moreover, I am retiring in the next few years, so I don’t want anyone to spoil my retirement,” a senior officer was overheard by these Kitwe Times Journalists after giving an update to his superiors.