Lungu is a selfless leader, Mulemwa

Edgar Lungu is a selfless leader, says Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa.

“Whilst it is evident that President Edgar Lungu is among the few leaders who have been ‘anointed’ by their predecessors, other leaders  attempt to buy their   way to power.

The secret is that President Lungu’s conviction is selfless service to the people, demonstrates good leadership,” Mulemwa said, ” Zambian DNA is of a view that leadership should be anchored on one’s conviction of selfless service. Anything short of that is selfish desire for power and portrays lack of commitment to serve the people.

He said the danger of self-styled politicians is their  selfish desire for power which has nothing to do with their wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Mulemwa says it is sad to note that political parties that are supposed to be the foundation and  bedrock of democracy, lack genuine intra-party democracy.

He said one of the reasons these political parties lack intra-party democracy because they are run like ‘personal to holder enterprise, where one person makes decisions singlehandedly.

“The founding of political parties by one individual is also another reason members have no say in the day-to-day running of these political entities,” he said.

Mulemwa, however, said President Lungu has demonstrated a tacit commitments to the values of intra-party democracy as all party decisions are done collectively.

” We advise Zambians to support President Lungu’s selfless leadership as he will promote their welfare. Moreover, Zambians are not gullible to fall prey to political leaders  who are power hungry

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