I am not a sleeping MP-Kaziya , has he warns Zambians of Asian Origin

By Fulman Mukobeko

I am not a sleeping Matero MP, says Lloyd Mulenga Kaziya, as he threatens  to deal with  Zambians of Asian origins who have connived with corrupt council officers to encroach  on government gazetted space  through illegal   extension of their plots close to the streets in Lusaka’s Emmasdale area.

And Kaziya is glad that the battle between Olympic Youth Development Council(OYDC) management and the displaced- threatened residents has been resolved after a series of negotiations.

Speaking after touring the road rehabilitation works in his Constituency, Kaziya warned that if Zambians of Asian origin that have encroached on  government land think money is everything, they  will be dealt with them ruthlessly.

He said as soon as he, as number one complainant gets approval from the Attorney General, he will fight tooth and nail until  the local authority  clamps down on structures that are making it impossible for drainage reparation works in the area.

Kaziya added that it is disgusting for  a named  Asian man to put up a septic system near the road.

Said the worried  Kaziya: ” An Indian of Asia origin has admitted that he paid some corrupt council officials K10 million(old currency) to encroach on government land. We have him on camera. Since, I am a  Matero resident, I have decided to take it upon myself to ensure that the structures are demolished. I gave them 14 days to raze down the illegal property, but they seem not to co-operating. They think money can buy everything. Will see. If we allow everyone to illegally extend there plots, how will the place look like? Thieves will take advantage and start attacking people at night and the place will look very ugly.”

Kaziya was heard talking to himself as he showed journalist how rich Indians have cut  through government reserved land  by about 7 meters to the streets.

“Sure bayaleta fye amafi mupepi no musebo umupita abantu,” said the Matero lawmaker loosely translated as (like for real? These people start putting up sewer systems near the road where people pass)

And Kaziya says after protracted interventions from his office, the OYDC management  came to some sort of understanding with the  residents that were marked for displacement.

Kaziya argued that there is no way that  residents could start paying OYDC management for illegally occupying their land, when they bought the land from MMD cadres.

He wondered why OYDC, a quasi government institution,  did not raise the land encroachment saga when the MMD was in power.

He said it was the MMD and not the PF cadres  that sold the  land in question.

He said as member of parliament, he chose to side with the affected families  that voted for PF and not OYDC.

” Is OYDC in the business of selling plots? No, let them just stick to their core business of promoting sports among young people and leave our people live peacefully,” Kaziya said.