Young people must move from economic slaves to empowered citizens- Phiri

Young Men Christian Association(YMCA) Programme Development Secretary  Daniel Phiri says unskilled and  uninformed  youths are not in a position to make informed decisions and sadly, certain people in society take advantage of their vulnerability to exploit them.

This is a reason, Mr Phiri says, YMCA has embarked on a mission to move  youths from subjects to citizens through the S2C philosophy.

“One of the things YMCA is doing is  championing the philosophy of S2C. S2C means from Subjects to Citizens. We are moving young people from the state of being subjects to the state of citizens, ” Mr Phiri said in an interview at the sideline of the two-day workshop on Transformative Masculinity at Tecla Lodge, ” We are creating a voice for young people so that they have information regarding their rights and responsibilities.”


He said YMCA is imparting skills to young people so that they become economically independent.

“Most of our young people lack adequate  skills and they are taken advantage of. Some fall prone to peer pressure and manipulation because they don’t have skills. We have realized that creating a voice for young people is not enough therefore, we  create

platforms locally and internationally  where young people’s voices are heard. We can only reach out to a significant number due to available resources therefore,  an institution we do not want the youths we have trained to hold on to the knowledge we  impart in them but to make sure they influence others and this brings us to the third component of  giving our youth the ability to influence. We have noticed that this philosophy is yielding positive results,” he said.

Mr Phiri is confident that the S2C philosophy will end dependence syndrome among young people.