Yali pushing for a very despotic bill-Chikuse

Governance Activist, Leslie Chikuse says the bill being championed by Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) that seeks to  disband political parties that abscond two general elections consecutively  is retrogressive and dictatorial in nature.

Chikuse said in an interview that YALI is pushing fot a despotic agenda on the Zambian political scene.

The Republican Progressive Party (RRP) vice president  said Zambia enjoys  multiparty politics which allow for plural participation of political parties.

He said the role of political parties does not end at elections.

He said if such a bill passes, bigger political parties with  large financial bases are likely   to manipulate  small political parties and use them to rig elections.

“The agenda YALI is pushing is very despotic. Going for an election is a  very expensive venture. You need to be financially prepared. You don’t just go into an election for the sake of making an appearance,” Chikuse said.