Veep Wina Mourns 17 Catholics


Vice President Inonge Mukutwa Wina is saddened by the death of 17 Catholics who died in a road accident in Mpulungu.


“I am deeply saddened by the report of a tragic Road Traffic Accident in Mpulungu that has led to the loss of 17 lives, that is 4 female adults, 1 female juvenile and 12 male adults. According to reports received so far all the victims are part of the Roman Catholic Church Group from Mambwe Mission who were traveling to Mpulungu in a Fuso Fighter truck carrying 62 people for a Church gathering,” Wina mourned.


She said apart from the dead, others are critically injured and are receiving treatment.

Wina said   President Edgar Chagwa Lungu, has been informed of the accident.


“Let me assure families of the Victims that the nation is mourning with you in this tragic moment in life. In addition, accept our condolences which also go to the Roman Catholic Church which experienced yet another accident involving its members not too long ago,” Wina said.


She said  law  enforcement agencies and other relevant bodies are on the ground to ascertain the reinforcement needed to  save lives.


“In view of the many accidents of this nature, the general public and all road users must ensure that road safety is given I am mindful that Zambia Police and Road Traffic and Safety Agency  operations must be highetened not just in moments of accidents but at all times because “prevention is better than cure” so that lives are protected.

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