UPND Presidential Petition must be heard period!-Leaky Kintu

United Party  for National Development(UPND) Solwezi East Member of Parliament Leaky Kintu says  the petition brought forward by party president Hakainde Hichilema and his Running Mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba must be heard before talking about the 2021 elections.

Kintu says the UPND Presidential Petition is still active in court and members of the largest opposition  want it to reach logic conclusions.

Speaking in an interview, Kintu said Zambians cannot start talking about the 2021 elections without the petition being heard.

He said the hearing of the petition will deter  would be future fraudulent elections.

Kintu believes that Hichilema’s victory was robbed by the worst electoral malpractice ever experienced in the history of Zambian politics.

“Up to this date , I can confidently say  that HH won the 2016 elections. We can’t talk about the chances of winning the 2021 elections when  our petition is still active in court. We have evidence, so may the court look at it so that we move forward,” he said.

He insisted that even if elections were held next year, UPND would win because the PF is facing rejection  because of its  shift from its pro-poor policies.

He said the economy has been wrecked  beyond repair and most Zambians  condemned to object poverty.

He said the PF should not be taking Zambians for granted because they are not docile who cannot be fooled for a long time.

“We can win elections if they were held tomorrow. You know what is happening in the country. You know the hardships the this government has put in the homes of people. You know. But what we are saying is let our petition be heard period,” he insisted.

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  1. walachimona   October 3, 2017 at 2:24 pm

    kintu keep your mouth shut before i put something in your mouth