Tembo questions Lungu’s Christianity

Patriots for Economic Progress(PEP) leader Sean Enock Tembo(SET) says the party will not take part in the National Day of Prayers, Fasting and Reconciliation because it is  government’s ploy to hoodwink  society that President Edgar Lungu is a Christian  when in fact not.

“We have taken time to reflect on the upcoming National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation that was declared last year by Government, which falls this coming Wednesday, 18th October 2018.


The position of the Party is that we shall not take part in the activities of this so-called National Day of Prayer and Reconciliation because we believe that the declaration of this day is an attempt by Government to hoodwink Zambians into thinking that we have a caring and christian Government in office when in fact not,” Tembo  said.


He wondered  how  President Lungu can  claim to be a God fearing President when his Government is wasting $42 Million dollars on the fire tender scandal while thousands of pensioners have not been paid their dues by his Government for more than 5 years now.

” How can President Lungu’s Government claim to be founded on christian values when it proceeds to waste $42 million dollars of our taxpayers money on the fire tender scandal while workers at a Government Department, the Times of Zambia have gone for 8 months without a salary? How can President Lungu claim to be exhibiting christian values when the citizens of this Republic continue to wallow in poverty and squalor as evidenced by the OYDC stampede which killed 9 people while they scrambled for free food and yet the President continues to amaze wealth at a speed that would baffle even seasoned Wall Street Investment Experts?” the opposition leader wondered.

Tembo said  given the foregoing,  PEP will not be part and parcel of the exhibition of hypocrisy that will take place on the  Day of National Prayer and Reconciliation. “However, as Patriots for Economic Progress we may re-consider attending this event if and only if the theme is changed to; Day of Telling the Truth on the $42 Million Fire Tender Scandal,” he said.

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