Smart K ready to fit in Prof PK Chishala’s shoes


By Gyft M’membe

THE Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) must operate  independently and  empower professionals  and veterans to enlist as members, prods  29-year-old Kelvin Mbewe aka ‘Smart K’.


Smart K brags that his mission will revive ‘Kalindula Music’  fused with modern lyrics.

Perhaps alluding to late Aliyah’s song ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number, Smart K says though as  young as he is, he is determined to revitalise late P.K Chishala’s ‘Kalindula Music.

“My young age will not stop me from modernizing ‘Kalindula Music’ as it defines Zambia’s heritage.

The ‘Kalamatila’ hit (loosely translated as clinging on to something) says the song was written after seeing a lot of young people being addicted to drugs and promiscuity among couples.

His biggest influence has been his late grandparents, an astute composer, who played ‘The Malimba’  a traditional piano. Smark K says  ‘Kalindula music is a rich culture heritage.


Smart K predicts that in five years, his  music will be big internationally once promotional woes are removed. Smart K cited the South African music industry where artists are making it big out of a lucrative market as one song or album guarantees endorsement deals  but in Zambia artists are not rewarded due to poor support by the policy makers.

Smart K is appealing to the  Zambia Association of Musicians(ZAM), currently led by Njoya T to help support artistes and welcome upcoming talent on board.Smart K recently won two awards at the Komboni Radio 94.9 FM; ‘The Song of the year and  ‘Best R/B is sad that no money goes with local awards and support from the cooperate world. “Artists need money and support from the coperate world.Promoters of music must put some money and corporate connections that will help us cope with livelihood  as artists winning trophies.

The 29-year-old artist brags that aside from music he studied ‘Electrical Engineering and Project Management’ prodding peers to invest in education from shows and sale of music income.

The youthful Smart kay’s album is almost done by the all time music maker and producer Jerry fingers and will feature the legendary Maureen Lupo Lilanda among others.

SMART K is here to revive ‘Kalindula Music’ Enjoy his music. Look out for his first video worth   K10, 000

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