Saunders calls for death penalty for economic plunderers

Political Analyst Dante Saunders is worried that President Edgar Lungu flew out of the country to Congo, Brazzaville instead of visiting  families of victims of Cholera that has broken out in Lusaka.

And Saunders who campaigned for the late Michael Sata has called for death penalty for economic plunderers.

Speaking in an interview, Saunders said being a  period of prayers, it was going to be necessary for  the President to visit affected families and assuring them of support and not rushing out of the country for an international assignment.

When reminded that the President has lieutenants to perform certain duties when he is not around, Saunders said the Cholera situation is a  national disaster and every leader is supposed to treat as  a matter of life and death.

Saunders said he has seen US Presidents visiting places of national calamity at the expense of other pressing issue.

He said this is probably the first time Cholera has broken out before the rainy season, saying it exposes Government’s failure to put in place sanitary  measures.

“Cholera situation is mainly attributed to  dirtiness. Lusaka is very dirty and the President takes a blame because the back stops at him. Therefore, we could have expected him(President Lungu) to visit the affected families before taking a trip to Congo Brazzaville. Otherwise, he should have gone to those people to apologize for having kept the city clean because it is his duty to ensure that the city is tidy and there are good health services ,” Saunders said.

The Governance Activist said if the President was concerned about the impact of Cholera, he could have suspended his trip to Congo Brazzaville and save the money to combat  the spread of the  pandemic.

“Our taxpayers money is supposed to be used on health service and cleaning the city etc. That is where our money should be going,” he protested.

And Saunders says economic plunderers should be given death sentence as a case is in China.

Saunders  plunderers are inhuman and can only be compared to murderers.

He said committing plunderers to death row is a solution to ending massive corruption by government.

” You is economic plunder is different from ordinary stealing. Just one person can lead to the death of a lot of people because  of plundering resources meant for buying drugs in hospitals. There is an on going debate on whether death penalty should be sustained or not. My position is that it should not be abolished but further extended to economic plunderers. Those people don’t deserve to live,” Saunders charged.