Protests not a good way of addressing corruption-Dr Chishimba

Protesting is a risky approach when you are dealing with a brutal regime like the Patriotic Front(PF), Saviuor Chishimba has observed.

Dr Chishimba said protests are not a good approach to address corruption and other grievances because they end up not achieving the intended purpose. He added that   a despotic state use  force to deal with  protesting citizens and in the process blood is lost.

The former Kasama Central Member of Parliament, however, said  protests are good for awareness sake.

Dr Chishimba said the best approach is to seek  an order of misdemus(An order that compels an individual or institutions to appear before the courts of law for any alleged offence).

” As peace loving Zambians, UPP shall not be involved in any form of protests because we do not want to see bloodshed. Protest are not very good especially when you are dealing with a brutal regime. The best approach is seeking an order of misdemus I am sure law students  understand what I am talking about,” Dr Chishimba said.


He said his party will in due course seek an order of  misdemus for  some alleged corrupt elements in the PF government.

He said UPP has unearthed a number of corruption cases which have been reported to the Anti Corruption Commission(ACC) but with the lame duck approach by the investigative wing of government,  the party will begin the process of ordering the alleged corrupt  to appear before court.

“We are also calling on all those who believe that there is an alleged corrupt activity but they don’t have evidence to report the matter to court and later on the courts would subpoena the documents,” Dr Chishimba advised.

But when reminded that the PF regime is on record defying court orders, Dr Chishimba said it is important that the process is initiated for the sake of prosperity.