President Lungu is worried to handover power-Ndhlovu

Alfred Ndhlovu says President Edgar Lungu is worried to handover power easily and has since decided to seek another mandate  beyond 2021 because there is no one to  replace him within the files and ranks of the Patriotic Front (PF).

And Ndhlovu says Zambia is almost a Banana Republic because it is being governed by an  incomplete Constitution, following failure by the majority Zambians to vote for the Referendum on the Bill of Rights that were held alongside the 2016 General Elections.

Speaking in an interview, Ndhlovu who is former Deputy Minister in the Chiluba regime said President Lungu has refused to resign over the failed Referendum and wants to hold on to power beyond 2021 because he is worried he has no right person to takeover  from him in the governing party.

He said Vice President Inonge Wina has no political muscle because she has no support in Western Province where she comes from.

Ndhlovu said given her unpopularity, Vice-President Wina can find problems to govern the country.

“Edgar(President Lungu) is worried to handover power to anyone in the PF he can handover power. If you look around, who can replace Edgar Lungu in the PF? There is no one. Even Inonge Wina can’t because she has no support in Western Province. The PF lost all the seats there where she comes from,” Ndhlovu said, ” He(President Lungu) should not fear that when he is out of office it is his bitter rival Hakainde Hichilema who will takeover. There are many Zambians out there who are capable of running the country. Some of whom are not in active politics,” Ndhlovu said.

He said it was a mistake for President Lungu to adopt a Constitution that had a Running Mate clause.

He said Zambia does not need a Running Mate because it has no power balance challenges.

Ndhlovu said in Nigeria, the system has worked because they have been having problem to balance power  between the South and the  North.

He said  the President and his  Running Mate have different Constituencies.

“Who told him that we needed that  Running Mate Clause. Zambia has no subjective conditions that requires a Running Mate. You can’t just go to Nigeria and copy their Running Mate system. Our situation in Zambia is different. Now, we are having problems with President Lungu’s Running Mate who has no support from her province” he said.

And Ndhlovu said Zambia is a failed state because it is being governed by the incomplete Constitution.

He said President Lungu’s Constitution lost an opportunity to be amended when the Zambians rejected the Referendum on the Bill of Rights.

He said it is only dictators who rule the country on a shaky Constitution.

Ndhlovu insisted that it would have been cardinal if the President stepped aside when he lost the Referendum.

He said it will be very difficult for the PF to rule in the coming years because of the questionable  legislative piece governing the country.

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