Pres. Lungu must account for the buffaloes he gave to King Mswati-Chikuse


President Edgar Lungu’s generous gift of  three buffaloes to King Mswati of Swaziland on the eve of the wedding has again become a topical debate, with Governance Activist Leslie Chikuse arguing that  President Edgar Lungu  has no exclusive rights to abuse wildlife with impunity.

Chikuse said President Lungu will    will one day account why he decided to donate  diminishing buffaloes from Luangwa National Park to King Mswati on his wedding.

The  buffaloes that were transported to  Swaziland were speculated  to have spread foot and mouth disease.

The European Union(EU) imposed a  ban on beef imports in Swaziland.

The Swazi Government said the buffaloes tested  negative in the preliminary examinations and that further tests would be carried out in South African.

State House Spokesperson Amos Chanda confirmed that buffaloes were transported to Swaziland but said they were certified fit by experts.

However, Chikuse is wondering whether the President owns game parks in the country where he can walk in anytime and choose animals to give to his friends.

He said  despite having immunity, the President cannot be allowed to abuse natural resource, saying if the trend continues with impunity, Zambia is not going to have wildlife since the the Head of State  has many people to please.

He said in as far as  the country’s tourism is lagging because of  certain species of animals that  have gone into  extinction, the country cannot afford to give away Buffoloes through donations to the President’s friends.

“Does President Edgar Chagwa Lungu own a game park where he can walk in anytime to choose animals to give to his friends? We can understand if it is a normal routine, where animals are being cropped in game parks. Not in the current situation when we need these animals to keep our tourism going. Unless you are telling me that he gave his friend Mswati animals that are not worth living,” Chikuse said.

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