PF must allow Kambwili to challenge Lungu-Ndhlovu…If they want to shut him up

The best way the Patriotic Front(PF) can handle Chishimba Kambwili and shut him up is by allowing him to challenge President Edgar Lungu for the party presidency, Alfred Ndhlovu has observed.

Kambwili has continued making headlines with his punch for punch agenda against the PF leadership.

The Roan MP was expelled from the  PF for gross misconduct and campaigning against President Lungu.

However,  Kambwili  is challenging the PF’s  decision to expel him  in the courts of law.

Ndhlovu who is former Transport and Communication Deputy  Minister said the only way Kambwili can be tamed  is by giving  him an opportunity to   contest  the  PF presidency.

He said it is not helping matters for the PF leadership to send cadres to demonise Kambwili.

Ndhlovu said Kambwili, as a founder member of the party, has every right to take part in the   internal politics of his party.

“The only way the PF can handle Kambwili is by allowing him to challenge Edgar in the PF convention. Let him either win or lose an election. He has every right to participate in the internal democracy of the PF because he  is one of the few remaining longest serving members of the party. If it is a person like me trying to stand for  the PF internal election, they may wonder that ‘who is he? We do not know him but  not Kambwili who knows PF in and out. Why do they fear him? If they don’t want him, let them remove him through a party election,” he said.

Ndhlovu likened the PF to the United National Independence Party(UNIP) under Dr Kenneth Kaunda in as far as disregarding  internal  democracy is concerned.

” The way the PF are handling their internal politics, proclaiming that  Edgar is a sole candidate of 2021 is the way Kaunda used to contest with a flog in every UNIP election” Ndhlovu said.

He said Dr Frederick Chiluba, the man he served under, used to respect internal democracy.

“He(late Chiluba) allowed late Mwanawasa to challenge him in the party convention. Levy was beaten hands down but years later, Chiluba facilitated for Mwanawasa to become President. This means Chiluba was not bitter when Mwanawasa challenged him,” he said.