No early polls-Mulemwa

Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa has urged President Edgar Chagwa Lungu  not to be distracted in his desire to   take development to all parts of the country by disgruntled politicians and Non-Govenmental Organisations(NGOs) who are  calling for early polls.

National Democratic Congress(NDC) party  Secretary General Mwenya Musenge said he will pressurise for early elections, in view of the breakdown of rule of law in the country.

In addition to that, the United Party for National Development (UPND) says the only way the Presidential Petition can be buried is by having fresh elections before 2021.

But Mulemwa said such thinking is myopic, arguing  that the term of office in a democracatic state like Zambia  is five years.

Mulemwa said he is aware that there are  conceited efforts by some politicians and NGOs to scandalise and  paint President Lungu black, both locally and internationally.

“The calls for early polls by some disgruntled  opposition political parties and NGOs with  ill suited  agenda  to agitate for regime change are misplaced,” Mulemwa said, “The calls for early polls is the cartel agenda to push for regime change on the pretext that the  economy is ailing  and that there is  poor governance structures which is not true.”

Mulemwa said the Zambian people gave President Lungu a five year mandate to rule up to 2021, saying those who seek to contest the Presidency should wait for the expiry of the Head of State’s term  rather than using short cuts.

“In view of the forgoing, we urge the  Zambian people   of good will to dismiss the misplaced calls of early elections because the calls are  coming from selfish politicians and  NGOs who hate the President with impunity. In the meantime, we urge the President to remain focused on   his all-inclusive development agenda and ignore these people.