Nkombo is an absentee landlord in Mazambuka- resident

Mazambuka residents have cried for representation as their  Member of Parliament Garry Nkombo is seemingly an absentee landlord.


And when this writer  approached him for an   interview near the University of Zambia to respond to Mazambuka Central Constituency residents’  complaint, Nkombo  told off  the reporter  who wanted to photograph him before going into details of his mission.

“… But do you just photograph people without getting their permission. Get out of my sight,” Nkombo told the reporter off.

But when reminded that being a Member of Parliament, he is a public figure and the photos were intended for good use, Nkombo just looked angrily at the reporter before driving away.

The MP lost an opportunity to respond to concerns that while he appears to be vibrant in Parliament, his constituency leaves much to be desired in as far as development is concerned.

According to a letter made available to Kitwe Times, Nkombo is an absentee landlord in Mazambuka Central.

The resident says  the only time the MP is in his constituency is when it is campaign time and when there are  riots.

The resident added that Nkombo may end up costing Hakainde Hichilema’s votes in Mazambuka Central.

“The roads in Mazabuka are pathetic and our MP does not see this because he is not a resident of Mazabuka. Many people feel the only solution to the problems we have is Coting another political party in power but I am afraid that with men like Garry Nkombo, not even UPND can assure us of that hope,” the resident complained.

He disputed Nkombo’s claims that he has not received funding from Government the past 15 years he has been an MP.

The resident said a number of Constituencies held by the opposition have drastically seen massive development.

The resident urged Zambians to critically analyze candidates and not just vote for them because of the political party they belong to.

One Response to "Nkombo is an absentee landlord in Mazambuka- resident"

  1. chintuchilumbamopodays chintuchilumbamopo   October 15, 2017 at 5:07 pm

    This man has been a no performer.That is why UTH had to opti for Fat Ainert a new comer than him for a running mate.Additionaly,the boy is arrogant and full of himself and too proud for nothing.I have known him from SGS days