Mufulira residents praise MP Anthony Mumba

We will be voting for our MP  Anthony Mumba as long as he continues contesting elections because he is a man of the people, Kantashi Constituency residents in Mufulira, Copperbelt have vowed.

They said Mr Mumba  has continued to show humility and passion to work for the people in the Constituency, unlike many law-makers who change goal posts and start representing their selfish interests when voted into office.

According to a vox pop interviews conducted in Kantashi Constituency in the on-going screening of law-makers by Kitwe Times, Mr  Mumba usually visits   his Constituency to  address   challenges faced by the people.

“Ba honourable besu, awe balesa kuno munchita ne nchita. Awe nefyo  bale bomba filemoneka,” said a  senior citizen Mwansa Mubita, loosely translated as ( Our MP Hon. Mumba is seen time to time in the Constituency  and his works are there for everyone to see.)

He said Mr Mumba has a very good political future ahead of him if he continues with what he is doing for the  people that voted for him.

And Angela Chisenga, a local contractor said Mr Mumba has made strides in ensuring  that local suppliers are given preference by mining firms.

She said local suppliers have benefited from his no nonsense policy of putting local suppliers ( resident in Mufulila ) above outsiders.

“I am a supplier and I have been supplying items to mines for a long time but I can tell you, in the past it used to be difficult to get a contract from the mining companies. They could give preference to the Chinese and other foreign contractors but ever since Hon Mumba took over, thing have changed. He has really shaken up things in that area and we can only say ‘sir  thank you,” she said.

And Maggie Mutale, urged Mr Mumba to speak for her fellow retirees  who have not received their benefits after working  in government for a very long time.