PF Must Reform Its Micro-Economic policy






We the Movement for National Transformation, MNT, would like to CAUTION government on fiscal measures to curb the escalating nose diving debt burden that is amounting to over 60 %, as indicated by IMF in their denial or questions to assist Zambia with a bailout package. We have before advanced the alternatives of macro-economic patterns that focus more on debt reduction, improve project appraisal, and selection processes. Government must slow down on further debt contraction. They must strengthen debt management strategies. The budget is not totally honest and truthful about our real macro-economic  status as we have indicated before.  It is more about public perception than truth.


Therefore, we advise government the following:


1. Work more on human development index improvements not projects for political expediency


2. Develop honest assessment of the economic status, without deceptive appeasement policies to show they are working as campaign strategies.


3. Build more sustainable internal capacity for growth of the economy not consumptionism


4.  incentivise priority areas that affect and impact daily lifestyle of Citizens not projects.


5. Reduce the tax burdens on citizens through Toll gates,  ZRA, RATSA, ZESCO, TOP STAR /ZNBC that are stressing ordinary people, as measures to increase revenue,   unless they increase the earning capacity to correspond to the increase in the said taxes.


6. Refocus the economy  to boost key sectors of Agriculture, Health, education, tourism by leveraging the mining sector respectively.


7. Government must stop playing a deaf ear to sound macro-economic alternatives as it is in their interest to serve the people that put them in  office, NOT burden them further or betray them for political mileage, in deceptive debt driven projects. Development by debt at the expense of human improvements of the quality of life especially in rural and peri urban areas,  is not desirable.


Conclusively, if short- term measures continue  this state of affairs will adversely affect ordinary Zambians, whose plight government should prioritize. Government exists to serve the electorate not itself! Many Citizens are already overburdened by hard economic austerity measure, and subsidy removals initiated earlier by government. We as MNT contend strongly that the macro-economic path of the PF led government is problematic since 2011,  and the trajectory must be overhauled forthwith.


Issued by :


Daniel Mvula Shimunza MNT founding President.

For first world Zambia ideology.