Lungu must step down-Dr Chishimba

If truly the News Diggers story is true that State House has issued a statement to the effect that there are some companies that are seeking clearance from State House to start suing politicians who are accusing them of corruption, then the dignity of the Zambian Presidency has shamelessly been soiled beyond redemption and the best thing President Edgar Chagwa Lungu can do is to step down on moral grounds.

How can corporations go to State House for clearance? This can only happen if there are unholy partnerships in corruption.


Nonetheless, UPP welcomes the challenge and we shall resume our public exposure of corporations that we have secretly been reporting, with evidence, to investigative agencies. We thought that reporting secretly was more professional, but now that there are clandestine meetings between the corrupt corporations and State House, we are left with no option but to adopt the approach of “one inch for two inches” under the  #BringBackOurMoney! anti corruption crusade.


The inaugural exposition news conference, with HARD evidence, which shall include how money is laundered and withdrawn overseas shall be held this week.


We are not going to allow public officers and political leaders who have transformed Government into an ATM or cash cow to start taking things for granted. They think Zambia #Calo #Cabashibo! (their fathers’ country). Our first exposition will shake the foundations of corruption in Zambia. Enough is enough!!!


God bless Zambia!


Saviour Chishimba



#UPP: #Dignity & #Justice for #All!