Lloyd Kaziya told to ‘pull up his socks’

Matero residents have cried for representation,  complaining  that area Member of Parliament Lloyd  Mulenga Kaziya is an absentee landlord.

Meanwhile, Governance Activist Lonely Tatila has backed Young African Leadership Initiative(YALI) Executive Director   Andrew Nthewewe’s call for the stay  of office for Members  of Parliament to be restricted to two terms, saying this will stop  certain selfish lawmakers from becoming career parliamentarians.

Resident talked to regretted that Kaziya is not seen in the Constituency, a year after being  voted into office.

They wondered whether the lawmaker still lives in Matero East as he is never seen in the constituency associating with his electorates.

Residents said the only time they  see  Kaziya is  on TV or in newspapers.

” The last time I saw my MP was on CBC TV when he was mocking Chishimba Kambwili for being poured water by one Jean Kapata. We know our MP is a very good person, at least a lot say that but we need him now more than ever before because Cholera is just in our neighborhood (Chipata Compound),” Ireen Mumba, a resident said.

And Anita Chanda said Kaziya has a huge task to provide services to the people that voted for him.

She said roads in Matero East leave much to be desired.

Chanda said she does not remember when Roads in Matero East were last tarred.

She said former Member of Parliament Miles Sampa was concentrating his efforts in ‘old Matero’ where he took development but largely ignored Matero East.

“Matero has not had better representation since time in memorial. And as you maybe aware, the place  shares a lot of history. That is where there is a biggest National Stadium(Heroes Stadium)  the biggest church in Zambia(Bishop Imakando’s  Blessing Centre) as well as    the biggest market(Buseko Market). We voted for Mr Kaziya because he had never been involved in politics. We  thought it could be wise to vote for someone who has fresh ideas. But my sister,  I can tell you that so far  we are disappointed with him. He has to pull  up his socks or else will send him into early retirement,” Chanda said.

George Mumba complained of poor security in the area.

He regretted that there are more bars

than police stations in the crime prone area.

And Tatila said there is need to restrict the stay of office for Members of Parliament to ten years to give opportunity to young and vibrant leaders to take up such duties.

He regretted that some MPs have been in Parliament since the time late Levy Mwanawasa was ushered in office in 2001 and chances for them to step aside are very slim because there parties keep on adopting  them.

” We welcome YALI’s proposal for MPs to stay in office for only two terms. We want young people to be given opportunities to rule,” Tatila said.

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