Let us guard our peace jealousy- Mulemwa

As Zambia celebrates her 53rd Independence, Zambian DNA Spokesperson Spuki Mulemwa says Zambians must jealously   guard the peace and freedom  the country has continued to enjoy.

“…Moreover, we must jealously guard our hard- earned peace and independence from external forces…imperialists   who are baying for  the blood of mother Zambia. Every Zambian should unite and not divide the country. We should thrive to leave this country in peace and not in peaces,” the Zambian DNA Spokesperson said, ” United we stand, divided we fall.”

He called on every Zambian irrespective of political affiliations to celebrate this year’s  independence.

Mulemwa said there is no way that the  opposition should shun the event, as it is a unifying factor which is  not a political function.

“The Zambian DNA is calling on every Zambian to turn up in numbers and take part in independence celebrations through out the country. Opposition political parties and civil society organizations should not shun the independence day celebrations on the pretext that there is nothing to celebrate about. There is everything to celebrate about because we are proud and free.

Independence  is a unifying national event  that every Zambian irrespective of political affiliation  should not shun. Politicians should not use this day  to gain cheap political mileage,” Mulemwa said.

He said Zambians should be proud of their country, especially the peace it has continued to enjoy since independence.

He said there has never been a Zambian who has freed to another country to become a refugee.

Mulemwa said during independence, Zambians should not only remember the struggle made by  the freedom fighters but also reflect on the achievement the country has scored in the last 53 year.