Leaky Kintu links PF to illegal Mukula trade in Kasempa

United Party for National Development (UPND) Solwezi  East, Member of  Parliament Leaky Kintu says the involvement of  influential Ministers in the syndicate of  the rampant illegal Mukula tree trade in  Kasempa district, North-Western Province is making it impossible for justice to prevail against wrong doers.


Police in Kasempa impounded 9 trucks loaded with logs of Mukula trees but the consignment  mysteriously disappeared.

Sources say Ministers masterminded the disappearance of the trucks of Mukula trees.

“Open you eyes the staff can’t just disappear without the involvement of corrupt  police officers and politicians. There is a lot of corruption in this government,”  the source said.

Asked to comments about the disappearance of the impounded Mukula trees, Kasempa District Commissioner(DC) Goodson Sansakuwa  grew cold feet and referred the queries to the Officer in Charge Joseph Mukanzu.

Mukanzu claimed the logs of Mukula have been taken to Zambia National Service(ZNS) for safe keeping.

When reached for a comment, Kintu wondered why Lands Minister Jean Kapata is not acting on the complaint by Kasempa Member of Parliament Brenda Tambitambi over the illegal  trade of Mukula trees in her constituency.

He said Kapata’s failure to act on the complaint brought to her attention, has raised speculations that she could be part  and parcel of   the syndicate or that she is  trying to protect someone involved.

Kintu said Kapata should act on Tambitambi’s  letter to nip illegal trade of Mukula in the bud if she is not involved in the sophisticated syndicate.

” My colleague  honorable Tambitamba  hinted to me that there is a lot of Mukula tree smuggling in her constituency. She said she has notified c Minister Jean Kapata but no action has been taken. We don’t know why she is mute on the issue but may be  it is the vicious  syndicate in government… Because

after being notified she has not taken action,” he said.

Kintu called on people in his constituency to report any acts of illegal Mukula tree trading.

He said corruption in the PF regime has become a common phenomenal.And Kintu is worried that  the Patriotic Front(PF) have continued suffering  rejection in North-Western Province, because they have failed to take development to the area.

He said  North-Western is an elephant  society despite being a creator of wealth through Copper mining and Mukula tree trading.

“There is no equal distribution of wealth in our country. I don’t understand why North-Western Province should be less developed when it producers copper and other provinces,”  Kintu said.