I am too big to respond to Munir Zulu- Kambwili

I am too big to respond to boys like   Munir Zulu, Chishimba Kambwili has charged.

And Kambwili says  when people are desperate,  they get confused, saying  the procurement of Mongu Stadium was done by Ministry of Works and Supply and not the Ministry of Youths  Sports and Child Development  as Munir Zulu put it in his press briefing.

Munir  went for Kambwili and called him a thief who has stolen a lot of money from him.

Munir, a PF sympathizer said he has known Kambwili since 2013 and the two have done many deals together.

But when reached for a comment, Kambwili said he does not want to waste time responding to small boys  like Munir Zulu.

”  I don’t want to waste my time responding to nonentities or small boys like Munir Zulu, I just see him on TV and Facebook, I have never met him or shaken his hands. That boy  beat up a policeman, we have not heard him being arrested. I can’t waste my time responding to criminals like Munir Zulu,” Kambwili said.

And the Roan Member of Parliament said he was not part of the procurement process of Mongu Stadium.

“As Minister of Sports, I handed in a request to the Ministry of Works and Supply that we needed Mongu Stadium. So you can ask honorable Yamfwa Mukanga who was responsible for the procurement process. So what is this boy Munir Zulu talking about. That is what happens when people are desperate,” the Roan Member of Parliament said.

He said Munir,  Sunday Chanda, Ibrahim Mwamba are hired guns.

“If you go to the archives, these are boys who used to insult late Michael Sata,” Kambwili said.

One Response to "I am too big to respond to Munir Zulu- Kambwili"

  1. walachimona   October 4, 2017 at 10:00 am

    mr kambili why did not charge at the young man lusambo expected to react as as leopard does but you to heavy like lion your weight is killing you,even palamentarians fight like japanese and south africans you must be always on alert