Don’t politicize National Day of Prayers-Shimunza

We as the Movement for National Transformation, MNT, call on all Zambians to unite on 18th October, 2017, in order to take advantage of prayer, fasting, and reconciliation efforts among all Zambians, to honor God and not any other agenda. All divisive rhetoric or programs must be cancelled on this day. We are quickly losing the right spirit of this day to unify, and glorify God. We must glorify God to intervene in all national issues as we focus on him. To focus on anything else is to lose the right spirit in which this day must be undertaken for ONLY God’s glory and regard. As a christian nation, such times must invoke God as our supreme ruler of all things to intervene in our wickedness as we repent truly and focus on him. Let us not be arrogant and proud against God, but humble ourselves before him on 18th October, 2017, Daniel 4:30-37.

It is wrong for anyone to advance a boycotting agenda or reasons thereof, why they cannot participate in national interests not partisan interests. It is lack of respect for spiritual things and ignorance to be selfish about honoring God.


We therefore, urge all those promoting any other programs, instead of dedicating ourselves to God as an error towards this day, to STOP forthwith, as the focus should not be party politics or programs, but national reconciliation, fasting, and prayer. Anything without a national tone must be suspended on this day by all godly Citizens


As MNT, we further contend that all human selfish programs must be suspended, and let a Christo – centric focus and approach be the order of the day. GOD and Him alone, must be glorified on this day. We must return to God and stop personalizing this day to further divide rhe nation. Therefore, the following will be important considerations in commemorating this day :


1. PF must not politicize this program but carry a national tone, not a partisan approach which is totally wrong regarding national issues.


2. Cabinet Office must organise activities centered on God not partisan projects or programs with a national character for ALL Zambians.


3. Those who lead these programs must be inclusive of both opposition and ruling party leaders, and Pastors or clergy to unify the nation, not the same people close to PF all the time but neutral clergy.


4.  All Chiefs must direct their subjects to avoid party regalia, tones and divisive tendencies but encourage all to seek God’s mercies and intervention, by repentance.


5. All civil Society Organizations, must organise the people to focus on God and unify all Citizens.


6. All churches and their leaders must organise their people to a national cause for unity ,peace, prayer,  and reconciliation.


7. All Church Mother Bodies must unite and direct the nation in conjuction with the Ministry of religious affairs to create a national program for unity and reconciliation.


8.All partisan programs must be suspended and let this day be dedicated to honoring, seeking,fasting,  and reconciliation with God by all Citizens regardless of party, religion, gender or nationality.


We must not let this day bypass us as an opportunity to start again to correct our wrongs before God and one another. Let us be a nation that honors God and respect one another. In the spirit of peace,  unity, and reconciliation, let ALL Citizens take this day seriously.


Issued :


Daniel Mvula Shimunza

MNT founding President.