Don’t phase-out mini-buses, Milupi pleads with PF govt

Opposition Alliance Charles Milupi has pleaded with Government not to phase out  mini- buses as it will leave many families that depend on transport business in destitution.

Government says Toyata Hiace will not be allowed to operate after  1st  January 2018 because they do not provide passenger  safety.

Transport Minister Brian Mushimba urged bus operators  to purchase standard Rosa size commuters that have seat belts.

But Milupi wondered whether Rosa size commuters do not get involved in road mishaps.

He said statistically, big buses have caused more accidents than small buses.

Milupi insisted  that it will be arbitrary for the Patriotic Front (PF) regime to replace mini-buses as many Zambians may not afford to acquire bigger buses.

He said it is likely that some senior PF officials want to benefit by bringing in state of the art machines.

He expressed concern that the PF government is killing small scale  businesses in the country.

The Alliance for Development and Democracy (ADD) leader reminded the governing party that the bus drivers they are tormenting today  propelled  late Michael Sata  to victory as they were main campaigners of the PF while in opposition.

“How can a government that cares for the people think of replacing mini-buses with bigger  buses. We can at least understand if it involved long distant trips not   short distant journeys . Where do they think these bus drivers will get the money to get big buses from? Let us be considerate and show concern for the  poor people,” he said, ” It is possible there is corruption here. Someone in PF wants to make big money.”

Milupi said mini-buses are everywhere the world over  but wondered what benefits the Zambian government has seen in phasing out minibuses.

2 Responses to "Don’t phase-out mini-buses, Milupi pleads with PF govt"

  1. mwakale   October 9, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    Ban mini-buses from operating between districts but leave them to operate within a district. Phasing them out is not wise considering the number of people employed by the sector and there are no statistics to show that the accident rate of mini-buses is very high. In fact the accident rate of scania coaches is very high so if there is a bus to burn basing on statistic are big buses.

  2. Dan   October 9, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Good idea go go go pf and bring sanity on our riad