Chileshe Musonda: the rising radio personality



 She is one one of the most talented news casters, writers and models of her generation.

With only two decades on this earth, the young  radio personality’s mesmerizing  voice makes her a unique brand on the scene.

But who is she? And how has her Journalistic journey been so far?

 My name is Chileshe Musonda, aged  20. I am a third born in the family of 6.

  I am a student of Mass Communication and Political Science at the University of Zambia, Great East Campus.

 Besides that, I am a model, newscaster and on air presenter. 

I am also a host for Bridal Carnival Adverts and Promos.

Growing up, I always dreamt of becoming  a television  or radio personality. I am glad that I kept the dream alive as I grew older. Although in my  first few days of high school, I thought it was not a good idea to do media related works 

but fate catches up with time, In 2012, I  had an opportunity with friends to host the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting at Hone FM Radio…and that experience resuscitated my dream.

From then,   I reach out for every opportunity that came along.

The following two years of my high  school, I was privileged to work with Metro FM on Icdb. 

After high school, I knew radio and TV  were my destination in life. I became a voluntary presenter at Yatsani Radio, a Catholic Community Radio Station on a show dubbed  “Youth Express”…where we used to discuss burning issues affecting our society.

We used to  sensitize   the community on  rights of a girl- child, children with disabilities and youths in general. We drew  specialists from various fields   to help us  tackle the topics. I was one of the presenters for the  sports segment on that show.

I later left Yatsani Radio to face new challenges. 

 I stormed Pan African Radio, luckily, my efforts were not in vain as I was  picked  after passing the audition that was conducted. I was put on test  for a few weeks….and later I was assigned to co-host a show called “Destination 360”. I was  removed  from Radio without being given a reason But that did  not break my spirit.  I auditioned for news casting  at the same station and after successfully completing the audition, I was  committed to some sort of in-house  training for a few weeks until  I  became a full   time news caster. 

My journey has not been  easy, with a few hurdles here and there, but  my passion to  connect with people as I cast news is priceless. And for me,  I keep learning new things  and I want to keep getting better so  that I can eventually become a  media guru  like Chilufya Mwelwa or Lukwesa Burak. My strength is drawn from God and My supportive family and friends,which keeps me going.