UPND exposes Wina’s fake defections plan

United Party for National Development (UPND) 2016 Lukulu Candidate Wamundila Libuku has alleged that Vice-President Inonge Wina is offering K10 000 per head as she plans fake defections as she commissions the Hydro Power project tomorrow.

Wina has been generally rejected in on her home soil, with the PF performing miserably.


“We have reliable information that Vice President Inonge Wina has sent resources in Lukulu for purposes of staging a fake defection from the United Party for National Development (UPND) to the Patriotic Front (PF). A Lusaka based worker at the National Assembly identified as Shiyama Kutoha has been tasked to mobilize not less than 100 people to masquerade as UPND members defecting to PF,” Libuku alleged.


He claimed in the statement that Mutoha has been given a drum of fuel and a vehicle to round up unsuspecting villagers who have been promised K10, 000 per head for staging the defection.

“We are extremely disturbed that corruption money from the PF government may find its way to rural areas and pollute our hard working people.


It’s a shame that Wina has planned to stage a fake defection ahead of the commissioning of the Hydro Power project which she is expected to do on Thursday, 28th September 2017. People of Lukulu don’t need dirty money from Wina, but positive development. Right now, one of the top priorities in the area is a good road network especially from Katunda to Lukulu,” Libuku said.


He said if the PF leadership was of sound mind, they could have realised that the undisclosed sums of money that they intend to spend on a dramatic fake defection could be of other good use by the people of Lukulu.

” For instance, the People of Kakalo drink water with animals and yet they urgently need clean water and proper sanitation. Additionally, the people of Kayewe have top grade Lizupa (clay soil) ideal for making various ceramic products which include shackles for ZESCO and tiles of all assortment,” he said.

Libuku said the UPND strongly question’s  the integrity of Kutoha for his partisan and deceitful role in the Wina staged fake defection.

“How can a worker for Great Lakes Parliament be found at the centre of such a senseless political act by Wina and the PF government? The people of Lukulu need proper development and not handouts borne from corruption.


In case Wina has forgotten, Lukulu is very ideal for setting up a huge mango processing plant due to thousands of kilograms of mangoes that go to waste every year. As UPND we are desirous to establish such a facility, among others, to bring about the much awaited economic transformation of the lives of our people of Lukulu. Why should Zambia keep importing mango juice, and dried mango chips when the product is bountiful locally?

As people of Lukulu, we wish to condemn Wina for wasting money on the planned defection because the people in the area don’t need PF chitenges and undisclosed monies that shall benefit a few individuals. The issue of national development is for the benefit of the better good of the people and not a few individuals who have been manipulated. Wina must not pollute our people with dirty money, we need proper development,” he warned.

2 Responses to "UPND exposes Wina’s fake defections plan"

  1. Am   September 28, 2017 at 4:57 pm

    The old Gogo wanna impress her bosses. This old woman is an embarrassment to humanity. His fellow Lozis are being jailed, beaten, humiliated and killed every other day and yet, she can’t do anything. May be its a typical case of old age reducing your wisdom. Tell your Litunga to act on the Barotseland issue.

  2. Bullu   September 29, 2017 at 11:54 am

    That is free good money – 10pin! What happened to the water melon project? Just get that money pliz.