Spuki Mulemwa defends Veep Wina…she is not paying anyone to join PF


Zambian DNA Spokesperson has Spuki Mulemwa has  described as naive and cheap propaganda  the  United Party for National Development(UPND) allegations that Vice President Inonge Wina is planning to hold fake defections as she commissions the Hydro Power project in Lukulu, Western Province tomorrow.

Mulemwa said the looming  defections of UPND members joining the ruling PF   in  Western Province  are true and that they are not engineered by Vice President Wina.

UPND 2016 Lukulu Constituency Candidate Wamundila Libuku claimed that Wina is offering K10, 000 per head to people of Lukulu as she plans fake defections.

But Mulemwa said the Vice President is a distinguished member of society who cannot sink so low to play  such kind of  politics.

He said the defections that will hit the  UPND either tomorrow or any other day have nothing to do with Wina but that people are dissatisfied with the Members of Parliament in Western Province.

Mulemwa said people have lost faith in the UPND in Western  Province because of its underperforming MPs.

“If UPND members  are planning to defect to the PF, it means they have seen that the ruling party is delivering on its campaign promises, where as the UPND MPs in Western Province are not doing their respective duties. They are just making noise and politicking at the expense of national development,” he said.

Mulemwa said people would not want to associate with the party that does not want to work with the government of the day.

He said UPND has lost its relevancy because of its stubbornness of not recognizing the Government of the day.

” People do not want to associate with the UPND because their MPs do not want to work with the government of the day. So if people are defecting because they are happy with the policies government is implementing then  you can’t say they have been forced or it is by hook and crook,” Mulemwa said

He reminded the UPND that as Republican Vice President, Wina is expected to commission any project in the country and this should not be misunderstood with political campaigns.

“I would like to ask the UPND this questions, when President Lungu went to Dundumwenzi, Southern Province to commission government project did he go there because he wanted UPND members to defect to PF? No, he went there for  commissioning the road project  because it was part of the national program that  government had to undertake,” Mulemwa said.

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  1. Am   September 28, 2017 at 4:46 pm

    Who is this chap Spuki Mulwemwa? He sounds poverty-stricken. Of course, when poverty strikes, people become stupid and do and say all the stupid imaginable.