PF Chairlady explains wants Pres to compensate her

12 years after being left for dead by  Movement for Multiparty Democracy(MMD) thugs, Patriotic Front(PF) Kanyama Constituency, Grace Ministry Branch Chairlady Jennifer Mwila is seeking compensation from President Edgar Lungu and the governing party.

In 2005, Unruly MMD hooligans ransacked  the PF meeting and attacked party members, leaving Ms Mwila terminally injured.

Ms Mwila, 50, recalls the painful event when MMD hooligans armed with machetes, knives, spanners, screw drivers and all sorts of weapons attacked the meeting organized by then PF Election Chairman, a Mr Mulobeka husband to former PF Member of Parliament Elizabeth Chitika.

” It was a very painful moment. The MMD cadres surrounded our  place, disrupted our meeting and beat us up. I was beaten with all assorts of weapon until I became unconscious. I only woke-up in the Intensive  Care Unity(ICU) at UTH. Senior party members who came to visit were shocked that I survived.

She explains that the MMD attack has left her with one functional hand rendering her inactive to do sustain jobs that can help her raise income considering that she is a single mother of three and keeping many dependants.

Asked what steps she took to claim her compensation from the party since she almost died in the line of duty, the woman produced a hand written complaint letter addressed to late Michael Sata. Sata signed the letter and requested for an instant meeting with Mr Mulobeka who defied the PF leader’s directive.

“I just don’t know why Mr Mulobeka behaved like that. I suppose he was eating with both the ruling MMD and PF. He showed no concern about my predicament. Imagine, countless MMD thugs descending on a defenseless woman like myself and he keeps quiet. Mr Sata directed that I be given a protection which I was given,”

She said President Edgar Lungu is the only person she has hope in.

“I have always been a loyal member of the PF despite what has happened to me. I continue mobilizing the party  even in my condition. Everything I do is documented. I know His Excellency President of Zambia  Edgar Lungu is an understanding, loving and caring leader. I know he will come to my aide. Nachula sana.

Asked why she has decided to take the matter to the media, the disturbed woman said all efforts to get audience from the top leadership have proved futile.

The letter signed by Mwila and addressed to Mr Mulobeka read: Reference is made to the case that took place on 17th December,2005 when Mr Mulobeka was MCC election commissioner in KC

I was beaten to death by MMD cadre and on 19th December 2005 I came out in the post and the unfortunate thing was that this meeting was held without a police permit.

Several attempts have been made seeking financial assistance from the party, but to now nothing tangeable has come out.