No more load-shedding, assures Zesco

Zesco Managing Director Victor Mundende is optimistic that there will be no load-shedding through to the next season because God  blessed the Kariba with abundant water.

Mr Mundende is now urging the Zambia  people to continue praying to GOD to provide heavy rains in the next season.

Zambia was faced with rampant load-shedding in the 2015-2016 season, with   President Edgar Lungu’s opponents making political capital out of the unfortunate situation.

But God vindicated the power utility firm following heavy rainfall that filled Kariba Dam and consequently   ended load-shedding.

Briefing the press at the Zesco Headquarters, Mr Mundende assured the nation that load-shedding is now a thing of the past.

He said the Kariba Dam has sufficient water levels, capable of supplying electricity until the rainy season which comes in the next few weeks.

“There will be no load-shedding until the next season. I urge the Zambian people to continue praying to God so that he gives us more rains next season,” Mundende said.

He said the country experienced load-shedding last year not by design but because the Kariba Dam  ran dry.

Mr Mundende said the power utility firm was left with no option but to load-shed houses to meet the demand of power supply.

The Zesco Chief said load shedding left a huge blow on the company’s financial status.

Mr Mundende said as a result of a cash crunch that the company experienced, it is yet to pay suppliers a lot of money.