No Caderism In Govt Contracts-Shimunza







The Movement for National Transformation MNT,  is saddened by the PF government Led CORRUPTION in procurement of Fire -Trucks,  and other public awarding of contracts that spell CORRUPTION, and single sourcing, or selective awarding of contracts to cadres.  It seems no one is willing to take responsibility over the alleged corruption of the 42 Million dollars procurement of the said trucks. The President has defended it, and  dismissed corruption in his camp demanding evidence from the Zambian people. The Minister of local government,  who should also own the problem of corruption in his Ministry whether under his predecessor or his tenure of office  makes no difference,  has also given excuses that some thing is not wrong. This  shows immaturity and irresponsibility of government. Whether the PF like it or not, the buck stops at their door, because they are governing the nation during which time these corruption tendencies have manifested. If the PF GOVERNMENT is not corrupt, Let the Zambian people demand the following from government  forthwith :

1. Maturity not blame shifting which shows Immaturity and childishness of leadership (Ecclessiates 10:16-17),  to whom much is given much is required. A Steward must be found faithful even in little things.


2. Separate Caderism from State house as a government seat requiring professionalism


3. Remove tender procedures linked to State house and let business and politics be separated forthwith especially in Infrastructure and road development country wide.


4. Stop covering up lies around what everyone knows to be corruption in government as they are making it worse. They must clean up government!


5. Fight corruption or denounce it because you can’t change what you tolerate. But even the President who says he is not corrupt has been deafeningly quiet about fighting graft even in his parliamentary speech nothing was mentioned about corruption sadly because he is tolerant of it. There is no political will in PF to fight corruption!


6. No matter what the PF say we will not forget this scar on their hands that they are trying to lie to the Zambian people.


7.  We need a forensic audit of all major projects under the PF led government because this tendency is not just in one area, it has been their style of covering up while appearing to work on projects to deceive the people of Zambia.


CONTRARY to what the PF is doing in the fight against corruption, we in the Movement for National Transformation MNT,  have a different approach in 2021 and beyond, which is a plan to fight corruption :


1. Zero tolerance for corruption as indicated in our party constitution


2. Build internal Self- regulation and monitoring of government officials at every stage through integrity and ethics committees


3. Separate Caderism from State and government business for corporate governance best practices in the Civil Service



4. Create a strong independent public protectector government agency to work with an independent Anti – corruption Commission


5. Develop first world transformative leadership, not transactional leadership or transitional leadership that avoids transgressional leaders and  bad corrupt practices.


6. Establish transparent institutions of democratic governance for public accountability, not build government on personality cult worship of leadership.


7. State crafting an advanced economy and aggressively industrialized Zambia for human development, and macroeconomic strategic planning,  innovative solutions with inward looking policies, not outward looking policies that engender corruption in procurement, commerce and Industry, or overall government business. Zambia needs new brains like transformative leadership to take us to first world nation status with MNT. Join us in this alternative government.


Issued by :


Daniel Mvula Shimunza MNT Founding President


Plot 118 Great East Road opposite Munali Secondary School, next to Chainama Hotel


Making Zambia a first world nation ideology