Ndhlovu welcomes civil servants’ salary increment…but

Alfred Ndhlovu  says the 7%  civil servants’ salary increment for 2018  is a welcome move but wondered where  Government will get  the money because the national coffers are dry.

Ndhlovu who is former Transport and Communication Deputy Minister  said in an interview that the challenge the Zambian government has  is to find  the source of money to implement  the 7% salary increments for its workers.

He said government has not paid retirees  for a very long time because it has no money.

“I welcome Government’s modest increment of civil servants’  salary by K200. This is good considering the economic challenges the country is facing,” Ndhlovu said, “The challenge this government however has is to find  where to source the money. Where are they going to get the money to

honour the 7% salary increment for civil servants. Currently, we have a number of retirees that  have not  been paid their benefit because there is no money,” he said.

United Progressive People (UPP) leader Saviuor Chishimba said the 7% increment is a drop in the ocean, adding that it is a mockery to the Zambian workers who work hard to ensure that the economy is up and running.

In response, Ndhlovu said 7% increment is better than nothing.

“Everyone is looking for money. The country has many financial challenges. So I  think 7% is better than 0%,” Ndhlovu said.

One Response to "Ndhlovu welcomes civil servants’ salary increment…but"

  1. walachimona   September 27, 2017 at 9:34 am

    where are to get to pay cs,when since 1999.we won our case 2004 at high court but not paid?abolition of office 1999.mushabati v attorney general.