Kambwili faces arrest


Chishimba Kambwili has disclosed that President Lungu has  instructed the Anti-Corruption Commission(ACC) to arrest him next week.

Kambwili, the former Information Minister has been a thorn in the governing Patriotic Front’s fresh, with his corruption and massive theft  revelations raising an uproar in society.

Some Civil Society movements, Political parties and concerned citizens have planned to stage countrywide protests against Kambwili’s massive PF Government graft disclosures.

The President has not remained mute on  a barrage of allegations Kambwili has shot on his government.

Speaking when he  addressed Zambians resident in the USA, President Lungu denied being corrupt. 

He said those with evidence on corruption should not hesitate but bring it forward so that it is dealt with.

Things seem to be gloomy for Kambwili as he claims he has reliable information that the ACC are after him and by next week he will spend time behind the bars.

He said the idea is to break his spirit so that he is cowed to quietness.

The mining magnet said he will not be intimidated, vowing that he will continue speaking for the voice of the voiceless no matter how many times he is thrown in cells.

“I have information that President Lungu has instructed the ACC to arrest me whether there is a case or not. They are saying that ‘let the court decide if there is a case so that they intimidate me to stop talking about corruption. So that If I talk about corruption they can say ‘he is the one who is appearing in court for corruption. They are coming to arrest me next week on Wednesday and deny me bail, deny me a police bond, delay to take the case to court so that I remain a long time in incarceration,” Kambwili complained