I will go to jail for the poor, cries Tutwa…as heavily armed policemen attempt to block him from addressing Kafulamase residents

By Hellen Nachula Nsokolo Outspoken Kabwe Central Member of Parliament Tutwa Ngulube is  distraught with heavily  armed police officers who attempted  to block him from addressing Kafulamase residents who are  facing eviction.

The Kabwe Central Law-marker has been consistent, speaking for his electorates who have since  pledged their  loyalty.

Residents talked to by Kitwe Times last year said it would be impossible for any other candidate to win the Kabwe Central seat as long as Ngulube continue contesting elections because he has demonstrated that he is willing to work and sacrifice for the poor people who constitute majority votes.

This has not sat too well with  enemies within and outside the PF  have been shadow boxing with one of the youngest lawmakers in the Zambian Parliament.

He wrote on his Facebook page that as though going to a war zone, heavily armed policemen  attempted to block him from addressing his constituents, warning him to notify them each time he is in Kabwe.

He claimed that the police were sent by   corrupt people who are grabbing land from Kabwe residents.

The Kabwe Central Lawmaker, however, vowed to continue fighting for the rights of the poor people in society.

“As I was about to address the people of Kafulamase who are  facing  eviction from the place they have been since 1961, heavily armed policemen claimed I should be telling them each time I enter Kabwe and that some people are scared whenever I talk to the people. I will not stop defending the defenseless, poor and old. I am ready to be arrested for defending the poor and go to jail for fighting land corruption in my constituency,” Ngulube said.

He, however said  the meeting took place and he delivered his message to the people.

“The retirees are crying for their benefits while the farmers want water. Mpima and Nkuluma residents want roads. I will continue exposing wrong doing. Corrupt people have demolished several houses and put hundred beacons even at doors of thatched houses. But I will not be silent,” Ngulube said