Deny Your Corruption In Zambia Not In USA, RPP Tells Lungu

By Hellen Nsokolo

Republican Progressive Party(RPP) Secretary General Cosmas Mulenga wonders why President Edgar Lungu denied being  corrupt in the USA not  Zambia, his home land.

Speaking when he received 300 defectors from both the Patriotic Front(PF) and United Party for National Development (UPND) in Kamwala South, Mulenga said it was strange for President Lungu to arbitrary for President Lungu to defend his alleged involvement in the procurement of fire trucks in the US when he has been dodging to table the issue  in Zambia.

He said people could have expected President Lungu to distant himself from the corrupt allegation at home and not in the foreign country.

“Ba Lungu nabo, he goes to say that I am not corrupt in the United States of America as if it is his country  when he has been avoiding to talk about corruption here in Zambia. What is he scared of? Why can’t he just courageously face the cameras and tell Zambians that ‘I am not stealing from you. The people who are stealing are this and that and am going to punish them.’ Now you run away from your voters and go to America and defend the wrong doing of your government. Those people were not even listening because it does not affect them,” Mulenga said.

He said  if the fire tender purchase scam happened in the Levy Mwanawasa’s regime, heads could have roared.

Mulenga said his late confidant never used to tolerate corruption.

He said up to now, late Mwanawasa could have held a press conference to discuss the matter.

Mulenga said it is a custom of the PF presidents nots to address the nation on pertinent issues but instead send their agents and propagandists to attack whistle blowers.

He went for Economic and Equity Party(EEP) leader Chilufya Tayali for defending corruption in the procurement of 42 fire tenders by the PF regime.

Tayali held a press briefing were he attacked Chishimba Kambwili for bringing out what he termed unsubstantiated corruption claims, saying there was nothing sinister in the procurement of fire tenders.

“Where was Chishimba Kambwili when the deal was beginning. Now he wants to start talking about it now. It is hard for us to believe what someone who is speaking out of bitterness is saying,” Tayali told a media briefing.

But Mulenga lectured Tayali to be principled in politics and not to unnecessarily change goal posts to suite his pay masters  because he is now a political


He said Tayali should just put on  a PF uniform and not hide in the face of a political party leader when defending corrupt activities.

He said it could have been important for Tayali and others to respond to what Kambwili is saying and not attack his personality.

“That boy Tayali with his one man show political party should tone down on insulting innocent people like Kambwili who are bringing out corruption involving government officials. Why insulting  Kambwili who is just a whistle blower. They are saying he is mad and has evil spirits when he hit on them why can’t they just respond to what he is saying,” Mulenga said.

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  1. scenic   September 25, 2017 at 7:46 am

    Accepting defectors from pf? Stranger than fiction!