2021 is mine, says Kabimba


By Hellen Nsokolo

Underrate me at your own peril, warns Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba as he focuses on winning the 2021 elections.

Kabimba who was responding to a Radio caller who wanted to join his party, said Rainbow Party  should not be seen  as under-dogs ahead of the forth-coming General Elections.

The Rainbow Party  leader said Michael Sata is a best testimony of a man who succumbed to insults and negative talks for ten years in opposition but eventually came to rule the nation.

He said the late PF leader believed in himself hence his great reward came.

Kabimba said it is only God who knows his destiny in politics and not a human-being.

“Well, bwana underrate us at your own peril. I was in opposition with late Michael Sata for ten years and some people who are enjoying our sweat today  used to laugh at me that ‘why do you associate with that mad person? He will never rule Zambia’. But what happened? Didn’t Sata rule Zambia? and are they not eating now because of his sacrifice? Never underrate anyone. I ask people who say that you will never be President that :did you receive a text message from God that I will never rule Zambia,” said the former PF Secretary General.