Water tarifs will be affordable assures

By Derrick Sinjela

WATER, Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection Minister Lloyd Mulenga Kaziya says Government is working on cost reflective water tariffs that are appropriate in line with government’s pro-poor socio-economic policies.

While acknowledging that there is need to adjust water tariffs, Mr. Kaziya  assured the nation that the ministry is setting the price of water taking into considerations incomes of domestic and commercial consumers.

Speaking during a media briefing, Kaziya adds that government is collaborating with the private and public water utility companies in ensuring that cost reflective water tariffs.

“We are collaborating with private and public utilities to ensure that water tariffs remain affordable to all consumers in Zambia our pro-poor socio-economic policies,” Kaziya assured.

Meanwhile Mr. Kaziya who is also Matero Member of Parliament (MP) says government is conducting work on preservation of water capturing rain water.

He says the ministry is trying to collect all the water that annually goes to waste in major cities through construction of primary drainages.


“My plea is that Zambians must prudently utilize water as it is a priceless commodity,” pleaded Kaziya.


Speaking earlier World Wide Fund for Nature Zambia Head of Communications and Marketing Eneya Phiri has expressed concern that 4.8 million Zambians still have no access to clean water.


Mr. Phiri says the fact that most Zambians have no access to clean water has prompted them to launch an online and offline campaign dubbed the journey of water which is using the power of the media to raise public awareness and demand for sustainable management for water.


He says the campaign will focus on the Kafue river which is the Zambia s largest tributary to the Zambezi covering the Copperbelt, Central, Southern and Lusaka provinces.


Meanwhile Food Lovers Market Sales and Marketing Manager Annie Nyirenda has applauded WWF and government for raising awareness on the need to conserve water