USAIDS commends reproduction education adopted govt

Medhin Tsehaiu



By Jubiel Zulu and Fulman Mukobeko

United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Country Director Medhin Tsehaiu says comprehensive sexuality education supports a better health future for school going children and adolescents.

And Tsehaiu has acknowledged the fact that reproductive health is the most difficult segment of news reporting because of medical jargons involved.

She was however quick to point out that it is through media orientation meeting like the one being organized byUSAIDS that impart Journalists with the knowledge to overcome difficult terminologies in health reporting.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Ms. Tsehaiu said school going children do not have access to preventive measures such as condoms to protect themselves from early pregnancies and HIV and AIDS related illnesses.

She said lack of knowledge on sexual reproductive health  leads to early marriages, early and unplanned pregnancies amongst the adolescents.

She said the Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) commitment signed in 2013 by Zambia is a clear indication that the country is keen in attaining zero HIV and AIDS infections in 2030.

Ms. Tsehaiu said UNAIDS is working together with government to ensure that adolescents are protected through the school curriculums, the program which is aimed at impacting knowledge of sexual reproduction is currently 100% operational in all the 10 (Ten) provinces.