Shimunza calls on transformation of the misplaced HIV policy


The Movement for National Transformation (MNT), founding President, Daniel Mvula Shimunza, says  his party will transform the misplaced HIV policy direction if voted to eliminate the disease, that has threatened national security, and productivity once voted into office.

Shimunza acknowledges the frantic efforts, and contributions made by all previous governments especially Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda, who has dedicated his post administration life quest, to advocate for the fight on HIV/AIDS, in trying to help the nation solve the problem in the last 37 years.

“The current statistics from the National  Aids Council on those infected, approximately range at around 1.2 million people, while 900,000 remain untested, but new affections per year gravitating around 46,000 people of our general population. The current therapy treatment, has saved lives which is highly appreciated, but it is impotent, to eliminate the disease, because it is a misplaced policy direction,” he contended.

Shimunza, contends that the current policy on HIV is transactional, reactionary, short term in approach, and misplaced to fight the pandemic, and only fuels corruption in purchasing of drugs.

He said in more than 37 years, various methods, campaigns, and therapies, have been advanced to relatively curb the epidemic which has continued to decimate humanity.

” This epidemic has  eft all of us having lost loved ones, spouses, children, friends, and relatives. Whether affected, or infected, this challenge has decimated the very fabric of our energetic, would-be contributors to national development, and economic deprivation, of the needed labor force. From earlier approaches to fight against; stigmatization, condom uses, circumcision, pastoral care, psychosocial counselling FCC, and now, the self-testing mitigatory factors, we have failed and squandered our chances of dealing with this issue squarely, in almost 37 years, while these maintenance helps, are much appreciated, in reducing deaths related to HIV.

Shimunza, argues, that what currently is lacking, is  visionary-national transformative leadership, and political will, to end the chapter of the nation’s existence, which has remained a challenge. He  said the Constitutional position of the Movement for National Transformation, (MNT), is to lead a new, inward looking, policy direction, which will be more aggressive at seven fronts, currently not being addressed effectively by government to deal with HIV.

He said his party will approach HIV in the following way

1.HIV must be treated  as a  Military Intelligence and National Security issue.

Treating HIV as a Medical issue to help our people in the short term

3. Investing in National Scientific Research for building internal capacity

4. Fighting Curtails of Multi-national Corporations that exploit us

5. Dealing with Pharmaceutical Challenges and insurance for drugs

6. Transformative Leadership, NOT- transactional and transitional leadership

7. Transforming the National Cultural practices of the Citizens in mindsets and lifestyle

Currently, MNT is the only party that has the constitutional agenda in our part constitution as a commitment for advancing all the above.

He regretted that the current government is only dealing with  reactionary policies, based on number two above.

“MNT will invest in military intelligence, for developing national security in chemical and biological warfare, medical prevention, treatment, and care. Further, we shall invest and summon aggressive scientific research in this regard for building national internal capacity, fighting multi-national corporations, and shifting to an inward looking policy from the failed transactional and transitional leadership styles in this regard. This can be proved, by checking party constitutions of the existing political players, some of whom are currently amending their party constitutions without due acknowledgement for copy rights after they saw our documents during registration of the party. We are on record with the Registrar of Societies in this matter. We are resolved to fight HIV at this new level and approach. Join us in the Movement for National Transformation, to fight and eliminate HIV in Zambia.” he concluded