Shimunza calls for reforms at ECZ…if democracy is to prevail in the country

By Fulman Mukobeko

Movement for National Transformation (MNT) leader, Daniel Mvula Shimunza, says there is need to reform the entire Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), if democracy will survive and remain viable or mature.

“Tracing back our steps after the much contested 2016 elections, should make us realize, that all the divisions in the nation currently, stems from the contentions and divisions prior, during and post-election period, by the manner the commission conducted the elections,” Shimunza observed.

In a statement made available to Kitwe Times though Zambia has a duly elected president, the question of legitimacy has brought divisive politics, and a culture that must be transformed.

“However, the silence of the need to transform the Commission is deafening, yet our democracy is literally suffering, because of the Commission which needs modernization, reforms, capacity, competence and independence of political influences,” he said.

Shimunza, contended that democracy is an ideology evolved from the people, through the electoral process, and exists for the economic benefits of the people.

He argued that until stakeholders correct the practices of the commission, division, violence and a bad political culture, will not stop. “First world government requires reforms for a mature democracy through advanced ways of handling elections by peaceful, transparent, fair, efficient, timely, and accountable practices of Presidential , parliamentary, and local elections. Silence about the Commission, is undesirable when all the country was experiencing evolved from the elections. No one must manipulate electoral processes going forward, for peace, order, and security of the nation. We have all seen, what can happen when elections are not done properly. This is a very important lesson for the preservation of our democracy which is still under threat,” he said

Shimunza, advised government, and all political stakeholders to advocate for the reforms that will make the commission, build the required confidence between the ruling and opposition Political players.