Shimunza calls for culture of clean politics

By Sibeso Nalufu


Movement for National  Transformation(MNT) founding president Daniel Mvula Shimunza says Zambia has evolved in propagandist politics therefore  People have no confidence and trust in politicians.

“Leadership maturity looms at our national discourse. If spreading, broadcasting news and information is used to build, then there is nothing wrong with propaganda as such in itself,” Mr Shimunza said.

He  said the converse is true that expositions of error, whether by the ruling government or opposition should serve as a means of communication that ultimately results in necessary transformation.

” If our sharing of information becomes a mere routine and system of communication,  that only inflates our ego that we can expose the wrongs of government for the opposition,  on the other hand if government uses information only to justify their hidden agendas or injustice in governance,  makes  sad reading daily in our discussions,” Mr Shimunza.

He said misinformation is mere pervasive of effective communication.

” I propose to both government and those in opposition, that we find the music of sharing effective information where we are not there to brandish, attack people personally, expose the weaknesses of each other and so forth as a means of establishing our own political or journalistic careers, Without positive transformation, impact or influence on recipients. Talking about issues does not mean one has influenced change in those who are recipients of that  communication per se. In the spirit of transformimg Zambia,” he stated.

Mr Shimunza further proposed that communication must enforce positive  change and  add value to the nation.

He added that it is important that Zambians  reduce division in the nation, adding that peace and love must be upheld at all time.

Mr  Shisaid  politicians must offer constructive criticism without  being personal but debate ideas as alternatives.

He said communication should not purport to elevate one’s agenda at the expense of national interest

Mr Shimunza said there is need to transform the negative culture of Zambian politics.

” We must build our mature democracy in debating and sharing ideas without malice,” he cautioned.

Mr Shimunza added “We want to see in the next generation mature democrats in Zambian politics, who when the public listen to, they get inspired and learn from. Mediocrity in communication is at the heart of our state of the nation currently. This is my proposal to all fellow media and political leaders. Let us stop talking to each other but instead communicate purposefully to build each other and our nation. I see mature democrats in Zambia that  will make a great difference and contribution to our nation.”