Pres Lungu’s 2021 bid unconstitutional-Simaata

President Lungu greets Archbishop Mpundu




By Brian Chafwila

The Economic Liberation Association (ELA) has branded as ” unconstitutional and illegal”  pronouncement by Patriotic Front(PF) Secretary General, Davies Mwila that  President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a sole  and preferred presidential candidate for the 2021 General Elections.


In a statement made available to the media ELA Secretary General, Mainda Simaata said  it was a breach and abrogation of the Zambian Constitution by  the PF  to endorse President Lungu as it’s sole candidate for 2021 presidential elections, saying the move is a ‘way of rubberstamping the candidacy and further isolate’ those wishing to contest for top job.


Simaata  argued that there was no way Mwila could make such a  pronouncements without due consideration of the Constitutional Clauses which clearly stipulates the term for presidency in Zambia.


He also added that he strongly supports the stance which the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has taken that President Lungu,’s term expires in 2021.


After being expelled from the  Kambwili  , one of the party members perceived to be eyeing the PF presidency has been vocal on the endorsement of President Lungu by stating that “for the party to be democratic, there was a need for intra-party elections at all levels” sentiments the PF leadership regards as an ‘indication’ of Roan lawmaker aspiration for party presidency.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister, Steven Kampyongo believes that now that Hon Kambwili had been expelled from the party, the decision by the Central Committee gives him a room and a chance to prove his political weight and therefore promised to “Meet him on the battlefield of politics.”


Chishimba Kambwili will believes that he’s “a political heavy weight”, while the PF calls him “a non-entity” and daring him to form his own political party to prove his popularity.

One Response to "Pres Lungu’s 2021 bid unconstitutional-Simaata"

  1. lemba   July 25, 2017 at 3:49 pm

    Why do you hate ECL, what about other parties – UPND and FDD how many times have their presidents been standing? You hate him so much that you over look some of these matters. The constitution says unless if ECL ruled for 3 or more years that is when you count it a term, even the so called educated ones ignore it or is it that you do not want him? Leave him a lone let the PF sort out their problems. One good thing is ECL is one of the best lawyers if it were anyone else sembe nikaya.