Nakacinda says recklessness of politicians deter economic stabilise

By Jubiel Zulu

Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) National Secretary Raphael Nakacinda says politicians in the country are reluctant to solve the problems they created in their quest to take or sustain their stay political office.

Mr Nakacinda said the current problems the country is facing is due to the recklessness of politicians who have allowed certain debts to go on at the expense of the greater good of the nation.

He said the current crop of politicians to which he belongs was responsible for what was happening in the country, noting that it was disappointing to note that politicians from both the ruling and opposition were failing to quickly solve problems of their own creation.

He said the country has enjoyed peace for over 50 years as a result of having politicians with a conscious from both the ruling party and opposition.

“It is us as politicians that need to take responsibility over the reckless discussion that has come concerning tribe, it us politicians that need to take responsibility over the reckless discussion about do or die attitude in our quest to take political office or indeed in our quest to sustain our stay in a political office.

“I want to say that the unity we have enjoyed  and the peace we have enjoyed for the past fifty years has been as a result of having politicians both in opposition and in government that have conscious but also have what I would call a thermometer, people who can check themselves and be able to regulate their attitude.

Mr Nakacinda advised the ruling party to realise that their being in power was not a right but a privilege  accorded to them by Zambians and that they should save with an attitude of servitude.

He further hopes to take the Peace Concert that was held in Lusaka on Saturday to all parts of the country in partnership with Zambia Music Association and well wishers as a remedy to heal the country from the scars of the immediate past 2016 general elections.