Lungu shamed those who call him dictator-Spuki Mulemwa

Zambian DNA Spokesman Spuki Mulemwa says President Edgar Lungu is not a dictator, following his move to consult the people on whether Zambia should remain in the International Criminal Court(ICC). Government put aside K2.5 million for the consultation process on whether Zambia should withdraw its membership from the ICC. However, Many Petitioners opted to vote against Zambia pulling out of the international legal body. When reached for a comment, Mulemwa said the fact that President Lungu allowed wide consultation on the issue is evident enough that he is not a dictator. Mulemwa said if President Lungu was a despotic character he could have just waken up and made an announcement that Zambia was pulling out of the ICC.

” President Edgar Lungu has demonstrated once against that he is not a despotic leader by allowing wide consultations on whether Zambia should pull out of ICC or not,” he said, “Critics are burning inside them because they are ashamed because President Lungu did what a democrat is supposed to do,”  he said.

The musician-turn civic leader regretted that unpatriotic Zambians have gone on rampage, painting the country black that it is sliding to dictatorship which is not a case.

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